Nedbank Swaziland's Imvelo MTB Classic is ideal for:  • Mountain Biking Enthusiasts  • Family day out  • Personal fitness • Helping the local community • Enjoying nature

Nedbank Swaziland's Imvelo MTB Classic

#Imvelo16 Done and Dusted


As the dust settele on another fun filled event we would like to thank our sponsors & staff and congratulate all the winners. They are:



64km Momentum Classic - Christo Carelson

35km Purejoy Challenge - Muzi Shabangu

22km Spur Swaziland Family Fun - Oliver Greaves

12.5km Milky Max Hoglet - Brandon Kelly



64km Momentum Classic - Sandra Haywood

35km Purejoy Challenge - Nadine Stein

22km Spur Family Fun - Robin Roques

12.5km Milky Max Hoglet - Norael Schiller


2016 Race Results

Please click here for full 2016 race results.


Feedback on Imvelo 2016

Pleas click here to complete a short survey and tell us about your experience



Entry Procedure

Follow our simple 6 step guide to entering a race at Imvelo here (From 12 April 2016).



STEP 1: Fill in Online Entry Form – There will be NO line entries at registration.


STEP 2: You will receive an email (to the address you’ve entered) that will contain your entry info as well as the link “Download Essential Race / Payment Info”.  Click on the link to download the “Information Pamphlet” that will contain the banking details which should be used when making payment as well as other essential info.


STEP 3: Make Payment for your relevant race into the bank account stipulated on the “Information Pamphlet" using the online reference number on the top of your entry page.  You can pay by either electronic funds transfer (EFT) or with a cash deposit at any Nedbank branch IN SWAZILAND. Payment by credit card is manual so an authorisation form needs to be requested from


STEP 4: After your payment has been received we will reply with a confirmation email containing your race number. If you had not received such email 72 hrs after you’ve made payment, please follow up with an email to . Please allow time for your payment to appear In our bank account if you are making payment form outside Swaziland’s borders as we can only confirm your entry once payment reflect on our side.


STEP 5: Either print the confirmation email or save the race number as this will be required upon registration.


STEP 6: Registration will take place at The Gables Shopping Centre (roughly 5 km from the Mlilwane turnoff in a northern direction on the MR103 - look out for the banners) from 1pm – 8pm on Friday 3 June 2016 as well as on Race Day Saturday 4 June 2016 until 45min before your race starts. You only need to register once, so no need to come Friday night and Saturday morning.

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The Routes

There are four routes allowing cyclists of all abilities to enjoy Mlilwane.

The Four Race Routes:




  • The Momentum 64km Classic
  • The Pure Joy 35km Challenge
  • The Spur Swaziland 22km Family Fun Race
  • The Milky Max 12.5km Hoglets


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Limited accommodation is still available at Mlilwane Wildlife Sanctuary during the Imvelo dates and there is still camping available.



If you have not yet made your accommodation booking, please note - we have very limited accommodation remaining at Mlilwane Wildlife Sanctuary. Camping is still available at Mlilwane's Rest Camp.

Please view Mlilwane Accommodation here and check availability/book by contacting our Central Reservations Department: +268 2528 3943 or via

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Click here to view Imvelo's rules and regulations.



No Helmet No Ride. All children must be accompanied by an adult.


No entries at registration, under whatever circumstance! 

Registration times will be strictly adhered to. Late cyclists will join the next category. There will be no refunds. Registration times:

  • General Registration @ The Gables; 13:00 – 21:00, Friday 6 June 2014.
  • On the day registration; Classic: 06:00 – 07:15; Challenge: 06:00 – 08:30; Family & Hoglet: 06:00 – 09:00

No changes after registration


Imvelo Rules at Mlilwane:


  • Animals have right of way.
  • No littering and No Smoking on course.
  • The Organiser’s Decision is final.
  • Cyclists will be Disqualified for following the Wrong Route, missing marshal points, giving incorrect information    at registration or ignoring marshal instructions
  • Any accident involving animals must be reported to the organisers. The cyclist is fully responsible for such    accidents.
  • Cyclists are requested to report any accidents or problems on the routes to the next marshal/official on the    route.
  • Do not interfere with animal or plant life unnecessarily.
  • Beware of crocodiles, hippos, warthogs and cars
  • Do not interfere unnecessarily with animals or plant life. Please stick to the designated paths and roads
  • Please ensure that we receive your number board at the finish – R30.00 admin fee per board missing!


Course marking:


  • Single day glow stickers on the left.
  • Turns – double day-glows on the side to which cyclist turns; single sticker confirmation on left thereafter
  • Watch signs – no cars; arrows; specific route direction – family, challenge & classic
  • Black arrow indicates the direction
  • A mess of chevron tape indicates a dangerous area; a marshal point or a warning of a turn – please slow down
  • Danger areas must be respected and speed must be reduced
  • Single day-glow stickers always on the left demarcate the route
  • Double day-glow stickers indicate a turn up ahead. The side on which the stickers are found is the direction of    the turn
  • Chevron tape across the road indicates a closed road
  • Single tracks are not necessarily mature and can be very bumpy. Proceed with caution




Less than 3 entries per category will be classified in the preceding category.

All cyclists must be in the Start Enclosure 10 Minutes before their race starts.

Cut off Times will be strictly adhered to :

  • Hippo Dam, 12h00 (Family)
  • Donga Route, 13h00 (Family)
  • End of Hippo Trail, 10h30 (Classic); 12h00 (Challenge)
  • Bottom of Nyonyane 12h45 (Classic, Challenge)
  • Scorpion, 13h00 (Classic)

The times of the top 15 cyclists of each race will be taken. Thereafter rough time estimates will be given.

Placing will be according to the first cyclist home in each individual category. This will be verified with all marshal points.

Queries/Protests must be lodged at the organiser’s Desk within 15 minutes after the results are posted.

Results will be posted 30 minutes before Prize Giving.

No alcohol may be consumed by any official while on duty or cyclists before or during the race. Officials are on duty until such time they are stood down by the organisers.



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Health & Safety

Click here to learn about Imvelo Health & Safety.



There will be an ambulance based at the Rest Camp. Please ride responsibly to avoid using them! Cyclists are requested to report all accidents or problems to the next marshal along the route

First Aid Kit
We recommend that each rider has the following in his/her cycling first aid kit: Foil survival blanket, three first aid dressings, five adhesive first aid plasters and sun block.

Sun burn
Although it is winter at the time of the race, we recommend the use of very high factor sun block and this should be re-applied during the day. On the other hand it could also be cold and 10 degrees Celsius may be experienced at this time of the year. Protective clothing for these temperatures may be required.

Although you may experience mosquitoes, this area is NOT a malarial zone and mosquitoes are not prolific at this time of the year. We still recommend a mosquito repellent.

Bees are prolific amongst the Gum plantations and farmers place beehives in the area. If you are allergic to bee-stings, we recommend you carry your antihistamine with you.

Mud could be experienced on stages so a set of riding glasses is recommended. Eye wash may also be found useful. Tyres suitable for mud and thorns are strongly advised.

Water in streams and rivers
It is strongly recommended that one does not drink the water from any of the rivers or streams which you will be crossing, as clean as they may seem. Clean drinking water will be provided in the Race Villages and at the water tables along the route.

Medical Evacuation
Evacuation plans will be in place to evacuate competitors from remote areas should this be necessary.

Responsible Riding
Many of the areas through which you will be riding are very remote and to evacuate you from some of these areas will pose a logistical challenge. We appeal to you to ride in a responsible manner particularly on the Classic & Challenge Routes. The single track follows the river through the bush for over 3km and there is no clearing for a helicopter. The only option at this point are stretcher bearers who would have hike over 15km to reach you and then up to 5km with you on a stretcher. Not a pleasant task for anyone.

Respect to land owners and communities
All competitors need to respect the fact that without the support of the various landowners and local communities through which this race passes, this event would not be possible. Please show your appreciation for this whenever possible.

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Race Support

Click here to find out about what support is offered cyclist during the day.


Before the Race
Adventure Sport will run a basic supply bike shop at the starting line in case of an emergency (for your bike). They will sell tyres, tubes, patch & solution and other relative products.

During the Race
There are 4 water tables for the Classic Race (65km); 3 for the Challenge Race (35km); 2 for the Family Race (22km) and 1 for the Hoglet Race (12.5km). The first two water tables are for everyone’s use.

WT 1 is between Marshal 2 & 3 and WT2 is at Marshal 5. As these water tables will generally be used by the little ones, no energy drinks will be available here only some chilled water and fruit. WT 3 will only serve the Classic (65km). This table is between Marshal 6 & 7 – just before the dreaded climb to King of the Mountain and you will hit it again after you came down the mountain just before the mindless uphill that we’d like to call: 'The Grim Reaper'. WT4 is the final water table in both the Classic (65km) as well as the Challenge (35km) races. It’s found between Marshal 9 & 10 for the Classic Race and 6 & 10 for the Challenge race, just after a river crossing before the last ascent in both races (the Challenge will have a simple up-and-over whereas the Classic Race takes you through the final sting in the tail aka 'The Scorpion')

Although the latter 2 water tables will serve energy drinks (diluted and in a jerry can for easy dispense into your own water bottle), we recommend that you carry your own favourite brand of energy bars, gels etc.

After you Finish Riding
The race finish areas are located at Mlilwane Main Camp. Mlilwane will have food stalls in the finish area from which you & your supporters can buy take-away food like baked potatoes, pancakes, hot-dogs & hamburgers. We have advised them that high carbohydrate food-types are essential.

Tea and coffee as well as all other beverages (alcoholic and soft) can be purchased from the bars that will be located in the finish area.

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Our Aims

Discover what Big Game Parks hopes to achieve through Imvelo.

The Imvelo MTB Classic aims:

1. To become Swaziland’s MTB event of the year by being an efficient, well-organised fun event with the highest ethical standards

2. To raise funds for Community and conservation projects linked to Big Game Parks

3. To showcase Mlilwane Wildlife Sanctuary as a wonderful outdoor destination for families


4. To promote and instill greater appreciation for and awareness of conservation

5. To increase the recreational value of conservation areas in Swaziland for the people

6. To enhance awareness of Big Game Parks as a contributing organisation to Swaziland’s society

7. To enhance, entrench and grow mountain biking as a sport in Swaziland

8. To enhance awareness of Swaziland within the regional adventure market

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Races at Imvelo

Momentum Classic Race (64km)

The Distance for the Classic Race is 64km. Click here for further details.

Download 2016 Race Day Procedures

Race profile subject to change.

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Pure Joy Challenge Race (35km)

The Distance for the Challenge Race is 35km. Click here for further details.

Download 2016 Race Day Procedures

Race profile subject to change.

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Spur Swaziland Family Fun Race (22km)

The Distance for the Spur Family Fun Race is 22km. Click here for further details.

Download 2016 Race Day Procedures.

 Race profile subject to change. 

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Milky Max Hoglet Race (12.5km)

The Distance for the Hoglet Race is 12.5km. Click here for further details

Download 2016 Race Day Procedures

Race profile subject to change.

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Imvelo 2016 Has 4 Race Categories

Click here for details of the 4 Race Routes.

The Four Race Routes:



  • The 64km Classic
  • The Pure Joy 35km Challenge
  • The Spur Swaziland 22km Family Fun Race
  • The Milky Max 12.5km Hoglet Kiddies Race


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Community at Imvelo

Hlabazonke Community Project

One of the most important aims of Imvelo is to raise funds for community and conservation projects. Your entry fee will greatly assist the community. Learn about what has been achieved so far as a result of Imvelo for Mlilwane North's neighbouring Hlabaz

The Imvelo Mountain Bike Classic, staged on Mlilwane Wildlife Sanctuary in June each year has been raising money for various community projects. Nedbank Swaziland has been a sponsor of the MTB race for a number of years and with their sponsorship and the race entry fees collected, funds have accumulated in the BGP Projects account. These funds have been used strictly for community projects and the value of money in this account became such that a substantial project could take place. The neighbouring Hlabazonkhe School, bordering Mlilwane North in the Siphocosini district has been a project for some years now, and in addition to general assistance since 2008 (including the painting of the school, installation of gutters to capture rain water and the donation of water tanks and office equipment), Imvelo has just completed its Water Spring project which as a result currently provides the local community with clean water. View the project from start to finish by clicking on the image below and stay tuned on for details of future Imvelo community projects.



The Imvelo Water Spring Project


Big Game Parks also assists its neighbouring communities in many other ways. Click here to find out more.

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Sponsors at Imvelo

Nedbank Swaziland

Nedbank Swaziland is Imvelo's main event sponsor. Click here for further information.

Main Event Sponsor: Nedbank Swaziland


Nedbank Swaziland has been a long-term sponsor of the Nedbank Swaziland Imvelo MTB Classic. 


As an international bank that is a subsidiary of the Nedbank Group of South Africa, Nedbank Swaziland creates value through constant innovation and reinvestment - not to mention its green policies and practices. Nedbank gained its presence in Swaziland following Nedcor’s acquisition of Standard Chartered bank’s local majority shareholding in January 1997. 


To learn more about Nedbank Swaziland please visit its website:




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Momentum Swaziland

Momentum Swaziland comes on board this year as the title sponsor for the 64 km classic!


Momentum in Swaziland is part of the MMI group which came into being in 2012 as a result of the merger between Momentum Swaziland and Metropolitan Swaziland. The company is unique in that it holds insurance licenses across a broad spectrum and can therefore offer clients an end to end insurance solution. All of our life products are housed under the Metropolitan brand and our medical aid and soon to be launched short term product is housed under the Momentum brand.

Momentum in Swaziland offers an innovative service driven medical aid solution. We have 5 benefit plans that offer in and out patient solutions. Our plans also have the following unique features:

-          Our motor vehicle accident limit is subject to your overall annual limit per beneficiary

-          We have a South African service supplier list

-          90 days Africa travel cover – where MMI has a presence

-          Option are per beneficiary (except for our bronze option) and capped on a overall limit

We further offer you an option to view your benefits online and for further information please visit our website (

We will also be launching a short term offering in the next 3-4 months, so please watch this space for this exciting offering.     

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Spur Swaziland

Spur Swaziland is Imvelo's 22km Family Fun Race official sponsor, an official race shirt sponsor and the location of our registration! Click here to find out more about Spur Swaziland.

  • (a) Shop No1, The Gables Shopping Centre, Ezulwini, Swaziland
  • (t) +268 2416 2888
  • (f) +268 2404 2569
  • (e)

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Parmalat Swaziland

Parmalat Swaziland is the title sponsor for our Hoglet kiddies ride this year as well as an official cycling shirt sponsor - which will be given to participants of the main race. Click here for further information on Parmalat.

Parmalat is a world leader in dairy products, enjoys a presence on every continent, with strong market positions and brands in all product categories: cheeses, milk for consumption, chilled dairy (yoghurt and desserts), butter and cream, fruits business (beverages and preparations), infant and clinical nutrition, dairy ingredients, cured meats and veal.


Visit Parmalat's website

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Sun International

Sun International has very kindly sponsored money towards Imvelo's much anticipated race shirt.

Set in the natural tranquility of the Ezulwini Valley, our neighbour, the Royal Swazi Spa Valley resort encapsulates the elegant Royal Swazi Spa Hotel and the Lugogo Sun Hotel. These two hotels are a minute's drive apart when travelling by courtesy bus - making them the ideal venue for large conferences, banquets and international golf championships.


For more information visit their website.

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The Swaziland Tourism Authority (STA)

The Swaziland Tourism Authority has generously provided sponsorship for this year's Imvelo.

The Swaziland Tourism Authority (STA) has a mandate to promote and increase tourism in the Kingdom to external visitors. 


As their website mentions, despite being the smallest country in the Southern hemisphere, Swaziland more than makes up for its lack of size with a hugely diverse range of attractions and activities. As one of the few remaining Executive Monarchies in Africa, culture and heritage are deeply engrained in all aspects of Swazi life, ensuring an unforgettable experience for all who visit.


As well as the rich culture, the overwhelming friendliness of the people makes all visitors feel truly welcome and very safe. Add to that a stunning landscapes of mountains and valleys, forests and plains; plus wildlife reserves across the country that are home to The Big Five, and you have all that’s best about Africa in one small but perfectly formed and welcoming country.


For a comprehensive, FREE Tourism Information Pack by post or email, or for more information, visit their website: 

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Ngwenya Glass

Ngwenya Glass are a long-standing Imvelo Sponsor and generously donate the wonderful glass trophies awarded to winning participants each year. Click here for further information about Ngwenya Glass.

Amongst the mountains that encircle the tiny African Kingdom of Swaziland is one that resembles a basking crocodile. At its summit is the world's most ancient iron ore mine, dating back 43 000 years and at its foot is the remote village - NGWENYA- (Siswati name for "crocodile"). Here a small group of Swazi craftsmen and women - with age old artistry - breath life into enchanting interpretations of the animals and birds of Africa, imbuing each with its own irresistible personality. Witness first-hand the magical art of glassblowing from an overhead balcony. Each item handmade from 100 % recycled glass! Browse around the adjoining showroom which is well stocked and purchase your little memento of a truly African visit to our Kingdom.

Since its rebirth in 1987, Ngwenya Glass has been more than an inspiring success story. It is an environmentalist's dream. The products, which include a range of tableware, drinking glasses, vases, jugs and ornamental African animals, are all handmade from recycled glass. Most of this is from soft drink bottles, gathered from all over Swaziland . Not only are the people of Swaziland encouraged to collect the bottles, but Ngwenya Glass works with the local schools to instil in the children a sense of environmental awareness. In exchange for building materials and the sponsorship of the soccer team, the students must participate in roadside clean-up campaigns.


Ngwenya Glass also converts Big Game Parks' waste glass material into beautiful designs. See our Ngwenya Glass Reclycling Project within our Community Section here.


 Visit the Ngwenya Glass Website

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Swazi Trails

Swazi Trails have kindly donated adventure experiences as prizes for Imvelo. Click here for further information about Swazi Trails.

Over 20 years ago Swazi Trails' director, Darron Raw, pioneered white-water rafting on the Great Usutu River. And, with his drive to grow adventure tourism in Swaziland, the Swazi Trails company expanded rapidly. From three employees and two beat-up VW kombi’s to a fully functional destination management and multi-discipline adventure company, Swazi Trails now has a large full-time team and numerous daily tour, activity and team-build departures.


Swazi Trails have kindly donated various adventure experiences as prizes for Imvelo.


Visit Swazi Trails Website

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Foresters Arms

Foresters Arms have kindly donated a stay at their wonderful boutique hotel as a prize for one of our Imvelo winners! Click here for further information about Forester's Arms.

The Foresters Arms is a boutique hotel situated on 95 hectares of country estate in the beautiful Swaziland Highlands of Mhlambanyatsi. Granite domes and continuous forested landscapes dominate its views, whilst its extensive lawned estate and mature trees provide a distinctly English country feel to this hotel venue.


View the Foresters Arms Website

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Mountain Inn

Mountain Inn has kindly donated a stay at its wonderful hotel for one of our lucky Imvelo winners. Click here for further information about the Mountain Inn.

Mountain Inn is the executive and diplomat’s choice for comfort, convenience and information networking in Mbabane. Swaziland’s most personal hotel-situated only 4kms from Mbabane center - is a professional, yet family run establishment.


The Mountain Inn offers superb cuisines, fully equipped meeting and conference facilities, television in all rooms and secure parking. All this incorporated into breathtaking views embracing the space and grandeur of Ezulwini Valley – the valley of heaven. 


Further Information:



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Swazi Candles

Swazi Candles has generously donated some of their wonderful candles as prizes within certain Imvelo prize categories. Click here for further information about Swazi Candles.

The highly decorative Swazi Candles are hand-made in the small African Kingdom of Swaziland using the age-old technique "millefiore".

Millefiore, or "thousand flowers", first surfaced in ancient Alexandria, but was perfected in the great glassmaking cities of Murano and Venice. Glass beads and other objects created there were of such beauty and finesse that they became much sought-after and valuable artifacts.

The art of millefiore continues today in Swazi Candles. But instead of glass, the gifted candle makers of Swaziland use a special hard wax to create their colourful designs. The hard wax veneer forms the outer shell of the candle, which hardly melts when the candle is lit. Hence the rich, romantic glow of the illuminated exterior as the candle burns, and the burn-again quality when refitted with the votive or tea candle. (Mini sizes do not burn in this manner, yet retain their intrinsic value as works of Swazi craft.)


Visit the Swazi Candles Website

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Mantenga Lodge

Mantenga Lodge has kindly donated a night's stay for 2 for two lucky Imvelo Winners! Click here to find out more about Mantenga Lodge.

Mlilwane Wildlife Sanctuary's neighbour, Mantenga Lodge, is situated within the Ezulwini Valley at the foot of Sheba’s Breasts Mountains (immortalised by Rider Haggards' 'King Solomon’s Mines') and overlooking the legendary 'Execution Rock'.


The lodge encapsulates 38 tastefully furnished rooms, each with en-suite bathrooms, air conditioning, DSTV, telephone as well as tea and coffee making facilities. Wireless Internet is also available.


For further information please visit:

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Gone Rural

Gone Rural Swaziland has kindly donated the prize of a beautiful tableware set for one of our lucky Imvelo winners. Click here for more information about Gone Rural.

Gone Rural was registered as a company in 1992 by the late Jenny Thorne to create employment for women in rural communities across Swaziland. What started as a small local business working with 30 women has evolved into an international company providing income for over 731 rural women and supplying their products to over one thousand retail outlets in 32 countries worldwide.

Gone Rural is fast becoming a globally recognised model of socially responsible business that promotes understanding and respect of Swazi cultural heritage and tradition. Their quest is for continuous improvement in the daily lives of Swaziland's women through economic empowerment and support to the thirteen communities that they work with.

The Gone Rural business model is committed to a holistically sustainable ideal which includes ongoing community development and responsible utilization of natural, renewable resources. The combination of innovative, contemporary design and exceptionally talented artisans has enabled their success. They became an IFAT (International Fair Trade Organisation) registered company in 2006.

Gone Rural’s unique home accessories combine traditional skills with high end design and are hand woven from sustainable, local natural fibres. They are continuously developing innovative designs and techniques to keep their product range fresh and dynamic.

View the Gone Rural Website 

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Tintsaba Master Weavers

Tintsaba Master Weavers have kindly donated their beautiful merchandise as a prizes for some of our Imvelo winners! Click here for further information about Tintsaba Master Weavers.

Tintsaba was created in 1985 by Sheila Freemantle with the purpose of improving the lives of rural women in Swaziland.
The small business that started with 12 women has to date worked with and trained more than 890 women, and nowadays sells its products worldwide, where they are recognized for the outstanding quality and refinement, as well as for the beautiful story attached to them. 

In the creation of the highest quality hand woven sisal products, in the service, in the teamwork, in the commitment to the earth and the holistic wellbeing of rural women in Swaziland.


Visit their website here

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Sambane Coffee Shoppe

Sambane Coffee Shoppe has generously donated a meal at their restaurant for one of our luck prize winners. Click here to discover more about Sambane.

 A lovely restaurant open for coffee or a delicious lunch located in Malkerns at the Swazi Candles Craft Centre.


Contact Sambane:


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Swaziland Meat Wholesalers

Swaziland Meat Wholesalers have generously donated shopping vouchers as prizes for this year's race. Click here for more information on Swaziland Meat Wholesalers

A widely recognised brand in Swaziland, Swaziland Meat Wholesalers supplies affordable, high quality meat to all corners of Swaziland and surrounding regional areas.

Visit their branches: 

  • Mbabane Branch:   1st Choice Butchery at The Swazi Plaza, Dr Sishayi Nxumalo Street.

  • Matsapha Branch:   Matsapha Lifestyle Centre, 1st Street behind Mahhala Shopping Complex

  • Manzini Branch:      Sikhonkwane Building, Ngwane Street opposite Bhunu Mall.


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Macmillan Boleswa, Swaziland

We would like to thank Macmillan Boleswa, Swaziland for their wonderful donation of books as prizes for this year's race. Click here for more information on Macmillan Boleswa.

Macmillan Boleswa, Swaziland  is one of the over 80 international branches of Macmillan Publishers Ltd; one of the largest and best known international publishing groups in the world.

Swaziland was the base for Macmillan Education Boleswa in Matsapha and this resulted in the creation of a major publishing undertaking in the southern African region.

Today, Macmillan Boleswa, and its subsidiaries are a group with a strong, diverse publishing team – able to operate independently of the parent UK company.

Visit the  Macmillan Boleswa, Swaziland website here.


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Adventure Sport Cycles

Adventure Sport Cycles has kindly donated prizes for some of the lucky winners at Imvelo this year. They will also have a stand on site offering reasonably-priced technical support. Click here for further information about Adventure Sport.

Adventure Sport Cycles was started by Rodney Young. The bicycle shop was started in his living room for people into cycling and at the time, there was not much choice for enthusiastic cyclists. So much interest was shown that he decided to open a proper cycling shop to cater for everyone.

Adventure Sport Cycles has grown from strength to strength and we have a very enthusiastic team, friends and family that we often call on to assist in our various adventures, from races to fetes and weekend cycles.

Visit the Adventure Sport website here


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Webster Print

Webster Print have kindly sponsored our printing for Imvelo together with pen & paper prize donations! Click here to learn more about Webster Print.

As printers, Webster Print convert plain paper into printed products, stocking an extensive range of fine papers and boards for business or personal use.


Webster Print can assist with the printing of:


  • Envelopes: Variety of sizes and makes
  • Cards: Business, Appointment, Clock
  • Labels: Stickers, Tags (indoor/outdoor use)
  • Calendars, Desk Pads, Diaries, Year Planners
  • Letterheads, Compliments Slips & Forms
  • Commercial Books: Quotation, Invoice, Delivery, Purchase Orders, Waybills
  • Posters, leaflets & newsletters
  • Tickets: Raffle, Contest, Entry, Game & Lottery
  • Magazines, Brochures, Folders
  • Computer Stationary: Forms & Labels
  • Invitations: Wedding, Birthdays & Special Occasions
  • Laminating and Bookbinding
  • Rubber Stamps (Self Inking, Daters, Muticolour)
  • High Speed Copying (Black and Colour A4 & A3)
  • Laser Engraving


Contact Webster Print for all your printing needs:


  • 119 Dzeliwe Street, Mbabane
  • P.O. Box 369, Eveni H103, Swaziland
  • Tel: +268 2404 0048
  • Fax: +268 2420 0090

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Phophonyane Falls Eco Lodge & Nature Reserve

Phophonyane Eco Lodge is one of our prize sponsors - sponsoring a magical night to spend in an exquisite location.

 Phophonyane Falls Ecolodge is nestled in the dramatic mountain landscape of north-west Swaziland, amid tumbling waterfalls and lush natural forests. It is a favourite destination for discerning travellers and nature lovers seeking a romantic and revitalising hideaway in a setting of stunning natural beauty. The Ecolodge is designed to maximize the experience of our special environment, and to ensure that we fully live up to our motto of "Peace, Privacy, Paradise".

More Info on Phophonyane Falls

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Heidel Eggs

Heidel Eggs is a logistical supporter for Imvelo this year, providing eggs to be used in the preparation of dishes for cyclists. Click here for further information.

Heidel Eggs, Mpumalanga’s leading egg producer, is a proud broad based black economic empowerment table egg producer situated in picturesque White River on the Lowveld of Mpumalanga. We pride ourselves on producing grain fed fresh farm eggs with no antibiotics that are distributed throughout the Lowveld.

Heidel Eggs is also a member of the Proudly South African campaign and subscribe to the Code of Conduct of the South African Poultry Association. 

The strictest hygiene is maintained in order to ensure food safety. We are proud to have HACCP accreditation since 2008.

View the Heidel Egg website

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The Times of Swaziland

We thank The Times of Swaziland for their media support and coverage of Imvelo.

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In 2001, the mining company that had built and operated Bulembu for more than 60 years, closed its doors and walked away. With no jobs the town was soon abandoned, even as Swaziland continues to be ravaged by the HIV/AIDS pandemic and the resulting orphan

 Today, Bulembu has a clear vision to become a vibrant, sustainable community. This vision for sustainability includes fostering the development of a new generation of emerging leaders through orphan care, education, health services and commerce

Click here for more info on this remarkable project

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Prize Categories

Click here to download Prize Category Matrix.

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Further details of all our 2015 sponsors will be added here soon. If you would like to become a sponsor and benefit from unrivaled PR opportunities click here for details.

Local, regional and international mountain bikers of all ages and abilities keen on both wildlife and community development will once again be battling it out to be admitted to one of Swaziland’s favourite mountain bike race, the Nedbank Swaziland Imvelo MTB Classic.


Having commenced in 2000, at which stage it was known as ‘Nedbank Swaziland’s Ngulube MTB Classic’, this will be the 14th Mountain Bike race to be held at Swaziland’s very first nature reserve, Mlilwane Wildlife Sanctuary. Its current name, ‘Imvelo’, meaning ‘Nature’ pays homage to a passion for both people and wildlife, the conservation of Swaziland’s cultural and natural heritage, and the innovation and adventurous spirit which encapsulate Big Game Parks’s (BGP) core brand values.  It will be the 10th year that the race will be running as "Imvelo"


This year marks a growth in the race from 2000’s humble beginnings (where it attracted 50 riders) to an event which last year welcomed over 500 entries and sold out within a couple of days of the entries being open. In addition to the race’s active participants, Mlilwane has seen the attendance of over twice as many spectators in what has developed to be a day out for all the family – and an ideal platform to project your company's core values via effective marketing including:


  • Timely social media and website promotion
  • Local and regional media and advertising coverage
  • Targeted email campaigns to an active database
  • Promotional material exposure depending on your level of sponsorship (race shirts, goodie bags, water tables)
  • On-site event branding


With this growth in the size and scope of the race, we’ve in turn seen the growth in entry income which has been utilised effectively at greatly improving the lives of Mlilwane North’s neighbouring community, Hlabazonke in Siphocosini. While Imvelo had been assisting the school since as early as 2008 in areas such as clean-up campaigns, painting, refurbishing of key schools facilities and water tank donations, 2013 has seen the completion of a much-needed water-spring project which allows the whole community to enjoy clean water. What’s more, because the emphasis on this project was to have complete community buy-in for promotion of the longevity of the project, we feel the community will protect their new asset for many years to come. 


If you'd like to sponsor Imvelo this year, contact us now.

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Results at Imvelo

2016 Results

...and the winners are:



64km Momentum Classic - Christo Carelsen

35km Purejoy Challenge - Muzi Shabangu

22km Spur Swaziland Family Fun - Oliver Greaves

12.5km Milky Max Hoglet - Brandon Kelly



64km Momentum Classic - Sandra Haywood

35km Purejoy Challenge - Nadine Stein

22km Spur Swaziland Family Fun - Robin Roques

12.5km Milky Max Hoglet - Norael Schiller


View full results here






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2015 Results

And the 2015 Winners are...


64 Km Classic: Sifiso Mhlanga

35 Km Energade Challenge: Muzi Shabangu

22 Km Spur Family Fun Ride:  Tristan Jorgensen

12.5 Km Milky Max Hoglet (Under 12): Vuyiso Simelane

12.5 Km Milky Max Hoglet (Under 7): Logan Cory



64 Km Classic: Sandra Haywood

35 Km Energade Challenge: Delrie Ferreira

22 Km Spur Family Fun Ride: Tema Hlope

12.5 Km Milky Max Hoglet (Under 12): Josie Reilly

12.5 Km Milky Max Hoglet (Under 7): Phoebe Garrell


Download 2015 Full Results Here

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2014 Results

And the 2014 Winners are...


64 Km Classic: André Cordes

35 Km Challenge: Muzi Nkambule

22 Km Spur Family Fun Ride:  Robert Chester

12.5 Km Hoglet (Under 12): Phila Khumalo

12.5 Km Hoglet (Under 6): Rio Henwood



64 Km Classic: Sandra Haywood

35 Km Challenge: Delrie Ferreira

22 Km Spur Family Fun Ride: Kyla Hamer

12.5 Km Hoglet (Under 12): Keana Toepfer


Download 2014 Full Results Here

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2012 Results

View Imvelo 2012 results here.

And the winners are:



64 Km Classic: JP Jung   03:06:06

33 Km Challenge: Justin Tuck  01:35:27

22 Km Spur Family Fun Ride:  Dermaco Pillay  00:59:54

12.5 Km Hoglet: Phila Khumalo 00:50:54




64 Km Classic : Retha Harding 04:31:36

33 Km Challenge: Delrie Ferreira 02:03:17

22 Km Spur Family Fun Ride: Heila Niemandt  01:11:15

12.5 Km Hoglet: Keana Toepfer 01:00:10


For full results please click here...

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2013 Results

And the 2013 winners are...

64 Km Classic: Marcel Marais
33 Km Challenge: Hanno Kruger
22 Km Spur Family Fun Ride:  Demarco Pillay
12.5 Km Hoglet (12yrs & Younger): Sive Msibi
12.5 Km Hoglet (6yrs & Younger): Timo Toepfer

64 Km Classic: Sandra Haywood
33 Km Challenge: Driekie Heyns
22 Km Spur Family Fun Ride: Elsabé Horne 
12.5 Km Hoglet (12yrs & Younger): Keana Toepfer
12.5 Km Hoglet (6yrs & Younger): Hayley Billingham

Download Full 2013 Results

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