"Mkhaya is very unique - the chalets where one sleeps in are open - and one goes to sleep with the sound of the African bush! The chalet's are comfortable, the service outstanding - and the guides are simply awesome! The game experiences were first class - and it is remarkable what is done in Swaziland for conservation. Overall Mkhaya is a stunning getaway - make sure you spend a few days here as there is LOTS to do and LOTS to see!"


Michael Hartley-Holthuysen Durban, South Africa


"100% We will come again! Yet another fantastic stay at Mkhaya!"


Ulla Andren Mozambique


"Mkhaya is a National Game Reserve in southern Swaziland known mostly for its Rhino protection program but where you can also see Hippos, Giraffes, Buffalos, Elephants, warthogs and lots of different impala like species, along with a rich diverse bird life. The lodge itself is a great experience, as it's settled right in the middle of the jungle where your cellphones will not have any coverage and where even electricity can't reach the place, so the only light you'll see by night is from the lamps that guide you through the bush to your accommodation and back to the main area where this ambient combined with all the noises from the millions of living things around you lets you feel like you're living an Out of Africa (the movie) experience. Truly a wonderful feeling and a memorable experience. The food was great, everyone is extremely nice, and although you're in the middle of the bush just right in nowhere, everything is extremely well kept and the houses are just amazing. The walls are just waist high, so you sleep in a very refined ambient where everything from the construction of the house to the amenities are made give you a better feel of living in the wild, with a fair amount of luxury. Wonderful experience. Remember to not carry large luggage as you'll have to leave your vehicle in a car park outside the Reserve. From there you'll be taken in a 4x4 Land Rover inside the game reserve all the way to the camp."


Nuno Maputo


"Great place for Safari. Great accommodation with very special "rooms" and very delicious food - definitely worth a trip!"


Fabian Roecke Germany


"It isn't often that one can walk a trail through a wildlife sanctuary. Usually it is required to ride in a vehicle but at Wlilwane Wildlife Sanctuary there are a number of trails for hikers. The Hippo Trail (approximately 4 miles) is well marked and takes the hiker through low vegetation areas where Zebras, Impalas and my favorites, Warthogs graze and generally hang out. Hippos are in the area but I didn't see any that day. I did not stay overnight on the property but came just for the hike and it was well worth it. The scenery is beautiful and though the trail was muddy in some places (it had rained hard a few days before) it was a fairly easy hike. There are some small hills, some bridges made of tree limbs and one part of the trail is just a bit steep. But nothing that should keep anyone who is a regular hiker and in fairly decent shape from trying. This would be a fun hike for families. There is something to interest everyone from birders to those who just like being in nature. And, where else can you walk so close to some of Africa's most interesting animals? There are cross country bicycles for rent on this property and some fun places to ride."


Steven USA


"I absolutely adored my time at Mlilwane Wildlife Sanctuary. I stayed there during a tour of southern Africa in July/August 2012. The beehive huts were my favourite part. They were set up two to a hut with a bathroom ensuite and two single beds. It was warm and comfortable, even during cold winter nights. I slept perfectly well. I appreciated being able to experience something a little cultural during my stay. The restaurant at the hotel has a lovely continental breakfast. There is a cook who will make your eggs however you like. In the dining room, the windows overlook a river where you can see hippo and crocodile. The lodging also offers a variety of activities to take part in during your stay. I did a mountain bike tour and got up close and personal with some zebra and python. You can also do a horseback tour, game drives, and swim in the pool. We also did some caving and swam in hot springs, but those activities were offered through a separate organization. As with many accommodations in Southern Africa, be prepared to see some wildlife throughout the grounds. Mind your own business and they will not bother you. Overall I would recommend the wildlife sanctuary to anyone. "


Regina USA


"To everyone at Hlane, I was in the Canterbury Gold Duke of Edinburgh group that visited a few weeks ago. I just wanted to thank you very much for the effort everyone made during our visit. I really enjoyed every moment of our stay, and Hlane and all the people there will always hold a special place in my heart. I hope everything continues to go well and hopefully I can visit again someday. Thanks again "


Becky & Jeetoo


"Sondzela was terrific, not at all what I expected from a backpackers. And the staff were marvelous. The beehive hut at Mlilwane Main Camp, and the mountain biking, were fun, too. I'm very glad that after all these years I finally took the time to experience a Swazi park. "


Liz Eldridge USA


"I would like to say a sincere thank-you for all your help in arranging the bookings for Mlilwane & Sondzela. The boys and staff thoroughly enjoyed the stay and we were certainly well fed! I really enjoyed sleeping in the beehive hut at Mlilwane a true Swazi experience"


Highbury High School South Africa


"Beter and not so crowded as Kruger. The staff and managers are BRILLIANT. We must thank them and will be back end of August."


Krappie Stoltz SA


"This very clean backpackers is really nice for relaxing and walking on a safety area, while having easily the possibility to see zebras, hippos and even crocodiles. The kitchen is well organised if you want to cook by yourself but you can be also be served a tasty and equilibrated dinner. The swiiming pool was to cold but ... it was winter anyway!"

Sondzela Backpackers

Disy Corp France






"Mkhaya Game Reserve offers one of the most unique lodges on the continent...The game drive I did became a National Geographic experience'"


Michael Holthuysen, Presenter of Awesome Africa


"Just did the Rock of Execution Challenge - amazing fun riding alongside the zebras and taking in the stunning views at the top! "

Chubeka Trails

Kate UK


"I stayed at Reillys Rock with a large group of friends for the weekend of the Imvelo Mountain Bike race and can honestly say that it was the experience of a lifetime. Lovely Ruth and Lizzie could not be more accommodating if they tried, Feeding the bush babies at night with Mumba were special moments rivalled only by the daily eating of breakfast in the company of birds and wildlife. Bonfires and BBQ at night with the most infectious atmosphere. If you can get a group of your friends together for a stay at Reillys you will not be disappointed. Home from home, from home! Thank you."

Reilly's Rock

Niki Torbett UK


"This is your chance to stay in a comfortable place, for a very reasonable price, and to be surrounded by all types of antelope, zebras, wild hogs, and even one peaceful-looking huge crocodile in a lake nearby. We loved this place!"

Sondzela Backpackers

Alex USA


"We spend the most beautiful 6 days at Hlane . Service was exellent and friendly. Thanks Hlane Managers for your amazing input about the park. We thoroughly enjoyed your stories!!! We will definitely be back soon."


Andre Alleida van Wyk SA


"The birding at Mkhaya was exceptional. The best sightings of the numerous Narina Trogons were right in Stone Camp."


John Davies, Lawson's Birding


"Mkhaya boasts that you're more likely to meet big game here than anywhere else in Africa and, judging by our experience, this is true'."


Kate Armstrong, Lonely Planet Author Australia


"I have just spent my 4th year at Hlane reserve and every time I go I am amazed and extremely surprised by the amazing level of service from all the staff at the reserve, I only camp there and every need I have is sorted out better than I could expect. I would like to compliment the staff for the amazing time we have had at Hlane. So, thank you to everyone at Hlane and cant wait to see you all again."


Damien Mac Innes South Africa


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